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Hash Rosin

A full spectrum solvent-less extract mechanically separated without the use of water, gas, or chemical solvents. This form of extraction is often regarded as being the highest quality product with the most natural process possible that doesn't require the use of outside chemicals or solvents.

Our solvent-less technology process delivers a high-quality true full spectrum extract with unique flavour palettes and high potency.



Hash Rosin is an extract that provides a true full spectrum experience. Hash Rosin is crafted entirely from the resin glands found on the surface of flowers, providing a full experience while reducing the negative health effects typically associated with smoking cannabis. Unique colour and texture will vary slightly in consistencies based on a few factors such as genetics, harvest cycle, and terpene profiles. 


Fume's Hash Rosin is a perishable product and should be stored in cool dry environments or inside a refrigerator in an airtight container between 5°C. - 20°C. If the Rosin is exposed to higher temperatures, (i.e. left in a hot car) it will release the essential oils from within the extract that may create a darker tan or brown tint with a "wet" consistency which can affect the overall quality. If this happens, simply mix up the extract with a dab tool before dabbing.


The Extraction Process


Mechanical separation is used to harvest resin glands (ie. trichome heads) found at the surface of freshly dried whole plant cannabis flowers without any chemical solvents. The trichome heads are separated and isolated from flowers through a careful agitation in ice and water filtered through micron-specific screens (45u - 120u). The collected trichomes are then pressed using heat, pressure and time to separate and extract the oils from the trichome membrane which produces hash rosin.




Rosin is an extract designed for concentrate pens, mobile vapour devices, and advanced dab rig systems.  

·      Concentrate Pens 

·      Puffco Peak (Green) 

·      Puffco Peak Pro 525°f / 35 seconds) 

·      Vapour Range 485°f to 525°f 


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