PAX Era Pods

Our PAX Era pods are crafted using our proprietary solventless terpene extraction method with a low and slow CO2 extraction to capture all of the terpenes and cannabinoids that make a strain so unique. We've paired our premium extracts with the most dependable, precise, and trouble-free pod system on the market.


PAX Era pods have a closed loop heating control measured up to 1 degree allowing ultimate temperature control. Innovative clog-free and leak-proof technology for increased durability and dependability.

The Extraction Process

Solventless terpene extraction is used to harvest the highest quality terpene from any strain. A lot of attention to detail to optimize the preservation of terpenes is vital. Using a cold trap and vacuum separation, trichomes are collected in the highest preservation. "It's nothing new but we've spent the last 5 years perfecting it, and making sure that no terpene degradation happens throughout that extraction process". -Talal Rshaidat, CSO of Fume.


We recommend using the lowest settings on your PAX Era for the highest flavour experience.

·      PAX Era Pen - LOW (270C - Green)