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Past and current projects by FUME.



Black Cherry Punch 2.0

A superior take on our original Black Cherry Punch hash rosin.  Our Hash Rosin is a first press made using premium quality 45u – 120u ice water bubble hash. From start to finish the product was handled with an uncompromising level of care to create pungent and fresh extract.

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24K Gold Hash Rosin

Grown in Saskatchewan by Zevk Cultivation. Extracted by FUME. 24K Gold is a hand crafted Hash Rosin using single-source craft grown flower to produce a sweet, citrus flavour and a true indica experience.

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Pink Kush - 510 Cartridge

We made Canada’s most popular strain a cross country collaboration. We applied our proprietary solventless terpene extraction to the famous BC Pink Kush and captured its gassy, pungent aroma. We paired the flavor with a high potency oil derived from the original flower and packed it into a vape cartridge for a flavor experience like none other.

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Mango ZKS - Pax Era Pod

Grown in BC. Extracted by FUME. Small batch grown, this exotic strain captured in a vape tastes like fresh mango. We pair our proprietary solventless terpene extraction with a low and slow CO2 extraction to capture all of the terpenes and cannabinoids that make this strain so unique. The terpenes and cannabinoids are then masterfully crafted to deliver a flavour and experience that is nearly identical to smoking the flower. The fresh flavour will make Mango ZKS your new go-to.

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